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Welcome to Christ Church Greenwich, one of New England’s oldest and largest Episcopal churches. Established as a parish in 1749, and billed as the “Cathedral” of Greenwich, we are a lively community of  worship, celebration, learning, service, and fellowship. We provide a historic location for baptisms, weddings, events, and memorial services in Greenwich and the vicinity, and offer a myriad of opportunities to nourish and inspire you on your spiritual journey.

We offer worship services, outreach ministries, concerts, educational programs, counselling, grants, and facilities to benefit the greater Greenwich community. We currently host over 5,500 meetings a year and house many community service programs, including AA and Neighbor to Neighbor.

The mission of Christ Church Greenwich is to seek and serve God in all persons, and to provide spiritual nourishment for all who journey to find a sacred home for worship, personal growth, service and community.

Worship with us, volunteer with us, learn with us, and rejoice with us!