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In April of 2013 we began the repairs and restoration work designated by the Capital Campaign. I stand before you today to announce that the work has been completed on schedule and on budget.

The major projects that were undertaken were the restoration of the exterior of the Parish House in 2014, the restoration of the interior and exterior of the church building in 2015. Also that year the installation of an elevator providing access to the Chapel Foyer from the Glass Hallway and window replacement in the Offices and the Glass Hallway occurred. This past year, 2016, we replaced the roof over the Family Room and Rectors’ Gallery, added a drainage system including two massive underground cisterns, restored the circle drive and built a new plaza at the front of the Church and, with the help of the Gardening Brigade, lead by Connie Cowan, Emily Ragsdale, and Emmy Ogden, replanted three areas on campus.

The Capital Campaign raised $8,290,000 for campaign expenditures and $2,000,000 of legacy gifts that will flow to the endowment over time for a total raise of $10,290,000. Of the $8,290,000 available, $313,000 was spent on fundraising expenses, $55,000 has been set aside for interest, $350,000 has been added to the new organ fund, and $7,497,264 has been spent on construction costs. The remaining $74,736 will be used for any minor related expenses.

Please make a concerted effort to be current in your campaign payments. If you have any questions about your pledge don’t hesitate to speak with Suzanne Culhane our Curate for Stewardship.

We have a large facility and campus here at Christ Church. It’s vital that we continue to maintain and improve it for future generations.

We all owe a big thank you to our staff, contractors, and in particular to the committee members who served over the last three years: Neil Bouknight, Lynne Smith, KC King, Susan Sterne, Chris Nichols and Peter Helmer. A bigger thank you to Carter Harris, our Senior Warden in 2013, who had the vision, to our Wardens Audrey Schaus and Randy Schwimmer and to our Rector, Jim Lemler, who led us through this campaign. We also have to thank the fundraising team lead by Jim Elrod, KC King, and Marnie Dawson Carr. And the biggest thank you goes to each and every one of our fellow parishioners, who contributed, believed and supported the campaign. We should feel proud of this ambitious endeavor. It demonstrates our commitment to being leaders within our community, our diocese, and the Episcopal Church.

George Belshaw
Chair Capital Projects Committee