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Getting to Know Each Other Socially

FRIENDS is an grass-roots organization at Christ Church Greenwich that encourages members of the community to get together socially, breaking bread together and sharing who they are.

FRIENDS is people getting together at “potluck” brunches, lunches, picnics, or dinners in small groups of 8 to 15 people at the home of a volunteer host or (occasionally) on the Christ Church Greenwich campus. Everyone helps out with the food, drinks and ambiance.

FRIENDS is different groups of people – mixtures of “newcomers” and “old-timers”…married couples and singles… “empty nesters” and parents with young children — getting together for a “FRIENDS Potluck”. Some will form their own groups later to do things together regularly, some may come to Christ Church FRIENDS’ events over and over again, and some will only get there once in a while.

SIGN-UP to get an invitation to participate in each Potluck event.

SIGN-UP to host an event at your home. We’ll send you more details.


Watch for Notices...

in the Sunday Bulletin and the E-news

For more information, email friends@christchurchgreenwich.org.