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The Pastoral Ministries Commission encourages and supports many activities that make Christ Church Greenwich a place of care and connection.  We pay special attention to members of our church family who can no longer get to church due to illness or lack of mobility.

Pastoral Ministries is one of the largest and most active ministries at Christ Church Greenwich.  Some 25-35 people regularly attend our Sunday service at Nathaniel Witherell, about 10-20 people attend our Wednesday service at River House Adult Day Center, and 5-12 people receive communion every Sunday from our Eucharistic Visitors.

We have many opportunities for volunteer service — most have flexible scheduling and minimal time commitments.

  • Community of Hope has nine active, trained lay chaplains who visit parishioners in nursing homes, hospitals and other settings.  We completed a Community of Hope training early this year with five participants.
  • Homecoming Luncheons in the spring and fall of this year drew people from elder care facilities, our church, and the Greenwich community, for worship, lunch and entertainment.  Many Christ Church Greenwich volunteers cooked, served, and visited.
  • Eucharistic Visitors take communion every Sunday to parishioners in hospitals, nursing facilities and private homes. They also lead a Sunday service for some 25 to 35 residents of Nathaniel Witherell (skilled nursing facility).
  • Christmas Tea features carol singing, homemade treats and Christmas cheer in the beautiful setting of the Tomes-Higgins House.
  • Prison Ministries participants visit prisoners, provide mentoring, and support several organizations which help prisoners. Our Redemption Sunday gives perspective on the effects of incarceration on individuals and families.
  • Outreach Singers sing familiar hymns to isolated or hospitalized parishioners.
  • Caring Hands volunteers send cards to parishioners who are experiencing illness or loss, or celebrations such as births.
  • Worship Leaders conduct Morning Prayer services once a week at River House Adult Day Center.
  • Inspirica Dinners: For over 30 years a small group of Christ Church Greenwich women has cooked and served dinner once a month to people in shelter facilities associated with Inspirica in Stamford.

As far as we know, we have the largest and most active lay pastoral ministry of any church, not only in Greenwich, but in the Diocese of Connecticut.

Sarah Boyle, Chair; The Rev’d Jenny Owen, Clergy Liaison; Volunteers: Ravi Arora, Abby Bates, Evelyn Bausman, Kamal Browning, Joan Carter, Mary Cattan, Sherry Dey, Helen Dillon, Martha Eustis, Daphne Finney, Polly Stewart Fritch, Lynn Garelick, Bon Jasperson, Courtney Lees, Sayre Lukason, Wendy MacDonald, Angenette Meaney, Peggy Moore, Susan Ness, Delly Ozanne, Nancy Finlay, Mike Finlay, Carl Gage, Rob Bridges, Katty Parker, Mimi Pivirotto, Dolly Powers, Karen Royce, Debbie Southwick, Michael Southwick, Mary Sue Saltsman, Lisa Tebbe, Diana Thierry, Deb Wilson, Penny Winters, Kathryn Whitehurst; as well as many others who volunteered and contributed to Homecoming Luncheons and the Christmas Tea.