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The Worship Commission’s purpose is to support the worship services and ensure Christ Church Greenwich is meeting or exceeding the worship expectations of our parishioners so that they leave church inspired, transformed and nourished. The Commission meets quarterly and the members include representatives from Music, Eucharistic Ministers, Vergers, Ushers, Acolytes, Altar Guild and Lectors.altar guild

Members: Tim Carpenter, Chair; Craig Barnes, Abby Bates, Kip Burgweger, Annie Drake, Gregg Gregory, Jamie Hitel, Tina Leinbach, Jim Lemler, Andrew Meilillo, Linda Michonski, Jenny Owen, Tom Ohlson, Dolly Powers

The Christ Church Altar Guild mission encompasses the care, nurture, and protection of all the elements for ceremonies and services done in and by Christ Church. Our community outreach component is found in our experienced, compassionate service for weddings, funerals, memorials, baptisms, and homebound events. We also support Neighbor to Neighbor with a Thanksgiving donation from our membership to support their good work. Our preparation of the sacred spaces envelopes our church family in uplifting beauty, utilizing color, fragrance, design, and inspiration. Our Altar Guild members are very special instruments of God’s love and grace, day in and day out, all year long.

We are organized into 3 teams that rotate through the year, with all hands on deck for Easter and Christmas. Each member is specially trained and serves in any number of capacities. At least one member is present to set up services and ceremonies, participate as needed, then to return everything to its place. Our members also arrange flowers and greens for services, funerals, weddings, as well as special events like the homebound services. Later, the flowers are re-arranged and delivered to hospitalized or homebound parishioners (and if possible, bouquets for the office and hallway).  Our active members include: Dolly Powers (Directress), Maggie McGirr, Pat Reaves, Sandy McCullough, Paulette MacPherson, Peggy McCullough, Susan Ness, Kristin Bainbridge, Frankie Hollister, Chris Kelly, Susan Kelly, Sharon Lemler, Cricket Lockhart, Wynn McDaniel, Linda Michonski, Rondi Olson, Liz Stern, Connie Cowen, Eugenie Pavelic, Leigh French, Susan Day, Barb Fenton, Lynn Jordal Martin, Pam Kelly, Ginnie Long, Margot Mabie, Sheila May, Susan Sterne, Pat Swasey, Margaret Van Vliet, Deb Wilson, Nancy Maulsby, Emily Ragsdale, Nancy Chelwick, Ravi Arora, Mary Grandeville, Mary Jones, Hilary Martin Lea, Carol Nicholson, Emmy Ogden, Nancy Barbe, Audrey Schaus, Debby Southwick.