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In 2016, the Outreach Commission chair, Pam Kelly, rolled off and Randy Wolf and Lucy Rinaldi took over as co-chairs. Members of the Commission during the year included:  Meredith Braxton-Barto, Kip Burgweger, Lisa Tebbe, Deb Wilson, John Condon, Amy Mooney, Randy Wolf, Lucy Rinaldi, The Rev’d Dr. Jim Lemler;  The Rev’d Andrew Moore, Clergy Liaison;  The Rev’d Jenny Owen, former Clergy Liaison;  Daryn Beringer, Vestry Liaison

While the Grants Committee continued its thorough work on Due Diligence and recommendations for grants (both Start-up and Ongoing), the Commission has spent the year focusing on increasing Volunteers and Communication. The current relationships with grantees is in the process of being assessed and in November a “Spotlight on Outreach” section of The Parish News was launched; this gives information about the highlighted organization, details its ties to Christ Church Greenwich and advertises current volunteer/donating opportunities. This will be a monthly feature (a calendar for 2017 is being worked on) and the Commission aims to coordinate this with food/clothing drives, outreach events and volunteering. At the same time, a matrix of volunteer opportunities has been created and the bulletin board in the downstairs hallway at the church has been updated.