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The 2016 Annual Appeal was quite successful, raising $1,297,747 to support God’s work at Christ Church Greenwich. This pledge total was just barely shy of our budgeted goal of $1,300,000. The Stewardship program was once again staffed and a serious effort undertaken to strengthen the program in best practices and communications. Here are some of the highlights:

    • Total pledges of $1,297,747 represented a 5% increase from 2015.
    • The number of pledging households increased slightly from 418 to 431.
    • 40 new pledges were made.
    • 137 (32%) pledging households made increases.
    • The average annual pledge was $3,011.
    • The pledge fulfillment rate of 97% is the highest in recent years.
    • The Vestry has been more deeply engaged, particularly with the follow-up process.
    • Appeal revenue projections have been strengthened – this was the first time in a number of years that the Annual Appeal essentially reached the budgeted goal.
    • Critical Best Practices were introduced including making personal visits and specific dollar requests.
    • Donor recognition has been strengthened – givers of all types are now included in the Annual Report.


    Communications and education tools have been enhanced, including

    1. Narrative added to contributions statements
    2. Education on special giving methods such as IRA
    3. Spotlight on corporate Matching Gifts
    4. End-of-Year giving reminders
    5. Operating Budget available on website


The work of strengthening the Annual Appeal will continue in 2017 with an expanded Committee, closer link with Membership, and education pieces.  We offer deep gratitude to the lay leaders who especially supported the 2016 appeal:  Audrey Schaus, Randy Schwimmer, Peter Helmer, Randy Stern, and Ken Mifflin. Thank you!