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Program Staff

Becky Ford

Christ Church Bookstore Manager
bookstore@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.9030

Jamie Hitel

Director of Music
jhitel@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x21

Gregg Gregory

Director of Children's Ministries
ggregory@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x28

Lauren Johnson

Director of Youth Ministries
203.869.6600, x14

Jennifer Purdy

Director of Christ Church Nursery School

jpurdy@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.5334

Mary Cattan

Pastoral Psychotherapist
marycattan@optonline.net 203.862.9161
Richard Gregory, photo by Debbie Wolf

Jonathan Vaughn

Associate Director of Music
jvaughn@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x22
Richard Gregory, photo by Debbie Wolf

Richard Gregory

Assistant Director, Children's Ministries
rgregory@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600


Craig Cecere

Executive Director,
Finance & Business Operations
ccecere@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x20

Maria Olson Goins

Director of Marketing & Communications

mgoins@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x15

Barbara Arenz

Special Events Coordinator
barenz@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x16

Jean Tredinnick

Parish Office Coordinator
jtredinnick@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x13

Charlotte Gage

Music Administrator
music@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x23

Carolyn Daley

Associate Director,
Marketing & Communications
cdaley@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x24

Maggie Liebenguth

Finance Administrator
203.869.6600, x19


Chuck Morrell

Head Sexton
sextons@christchurchgreenwich.org 203.869.6600, x27
Mel Wilson, photo by Debbie Wolf

Mel Wilson

203.869.6600, x45

Fidel Caceres