Greenwich, Connecticut

The Town of Greenwich occupies 48 square miles in the southwestern corner of Connecticut, just a fifty minute-express train ride to midtown Manhattan, and a 50 mile drive to Berkeley Divinity school at Yale. Though it has a population of sixty two thousand people, Greenwich feels like a smaller town; it breaks down into six different zip codes and multiple different neighborhoods and business districts, each with its own distinct character, ranging from grand to quite modest. Greenwich is a diverse, multi-ethnic community and becoming more so.

Greenwich is a wonderful place to live. As a town, it is clean, safe, and well run, with many parks and beaches and miles of beautiful shoreline on Long Island Sound. Greenwich has superb cultural resources: a first class library, The Bruce Museum, the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra, the International Film Festival, and the Greenwich Historical Society, to name but a few. In addition, the town has excellent public and private schools, world-class health care, both elegant and casual shopping and dining and top-notch public and private recreational and sporting facilities. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, sophisticated community with a calendar that is jam-packed with interesting activities for all ages.

Despite its beauty and many resources, Greenwich is not immune from challenges. Income inequality is very evident here. Though we are one of the wealthiest towns in Connecticut, 5% of our population lives below the federal poverty line and a further 12% depend on assistance for food, shelter, and medical care. Over 15% of children in our public schools qualify for free or reduced cost lunches. The issues of drug abuse and a shortage of affordable housing are growing problems.

Nevertheless, a firm commitment to volunteerism and civic engagement from all segments of the community is an essential part of Greenwich’s character as a town and will be the bedrock of our success in taking on these problems. Christ Church Greenwich has long taken a lead role in providing outreach and social service to the greater community and we expect that role to continue and grow in the coming years.

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