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Domus Kidsdomus_logo_w_o_adj_cropped_op_800x250 is a nonprofit organization which opened in 1972 and annually serves more than 1,200 children and young adults, ranging in age from 5 to 23.  Domus (the Latin noun for home) works with the region’s most vulnerable, high-risk youth. Many live in poverty and experience homelessness, hunger, neglect, abuse, and chronic health issues. Some of these youth have been unsuccessful in the traditional school model, are involved in the criminal justice system, and/or have been the victims of structural racism. Domus’ goal is to create,  through its educational, community and residential programming, the conditions necessary for youth to get on a path toward health and opportunity, so they can engage in their education and ultimately lead satisfying and productive lives.  Learn more >

©Debby Wolf, 2016Numerous volunteer opportunities exist at Domus, including site-based mentoring of youth aged 7 to 13, employment training for budding tradesmen, assistance at fundraising events, life-skills training (such as practice job interviews at their after-school centers), and a meal program.  Most recently, Christ Church members assisted in maintaining a common garden and greenhouse used in Domus’ Work and Learn program so the kids could focus on learning.

To become involved in volunteer opportunities, email outreach@christchurchgreenwich.org.