Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Eucharistic Visitors

1 | You don’t have to know a lot about scripture or theology or be especially “religious.” All you need is an appreciation of the importance of Holy Communion and a willingness to share it with people who can’t get to church.

2 | We are not hospice volunteers. We visit people with short-term illnesses or injuries, families who have just had babies as well as the elderly and homebound who can’t get to church.

3 | The time commitment is minimal and flexible. Visits typically last about 20 minutes, usually following the 9:15 or 11:00 Sunday service. You choose the Sundays you visit, whether a few times a year or a few times a month.

4 | You also choose whether you prefer to visit private homes or facilities.

5 | Training involves a one hour orientation as well as a practice visit with a current Eucharistic Visitor, both scheduled at your convenience.

6 | It’s hard to make a mistake. We use a short, easy-to-follow order of service. Your “audience” is totally forgiving. They are so grateful to see you.

7 | Check it out! You can accompany a current Eucharistic Visitor and experience it for yourself. No obligation to sign up!

8 | There is rarely much traffic on Sundays when you make your visits.

9 | If you have work or family obligations during the week, serving as a Sunday Eucharistic Visitor is a great form of outreach.

10 | Visiting a parishioner with Holy Communion is truly living out your faith. Our visitors consider it the most rewarding thing they do all week. It is an ideal way to feel connected to God, our church and one another.


You ask, “What is a Eucharistic Visitor?”

Eucharistic Visitors bring Holy Communion to homebound or hospitalized members of our congregation on Sundays.
Learn more about this important ministry on our Pastoral Care page.

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