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Christ Church Greenwich is blessed with incredible leadership in its clergy staff.  In addition to serving this community with daily and weekly worship services and pastoral visits, they enrich our spiritual journeys through their sermons and numerous educational offerings.

Jim Lemler

Jim Lemler, photo by Joanne Bouknight

Jim Lemler is a nationally known leader, educator, consultant, preacher and pastor. Prior to his appointment at Christ Church Greenwich he served as the Director of Mission for the Episcopal Church, USA.

e: jlemler@christchurchgreenwich.org
t: 203.869.6600, x12

Jenny Owen
Assistant to the Rector

Jenny thumbnail
Jenny Owen, a graduate of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, is passionate about journeying with people of all ages as we wrestle with our faith and seek to serve God, each other, our communities and our world.

e: jowen@christchurchgreenwich.org
t: 203.869.6600, x11

Suzanne Culhane
Curate for Stewardship

Suzanne Culhane, a native New Yorker, cradle Episcopalian and recent graduate from the Episcopal Divinity School, enjoyed a 15 year career in non-profit development, with a focus in providing consulting assistance to religious and social service organizations before discerning her call to ministry.

e: sculhane@christchurchgreenwich.org
t: 203.869.6600, x18