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write to you, young people, because you are strong and the word of God abides in you…. – 1 John 2:14

New energy, new vision:
Welcome, Wonder, Fun & Fellowship!

There has been a lot of energy and activity around Youth Ministry at Christ Church Greenwich! We’ve gone through an exciting visioning process in order to engage families effectively and ensure sustainability. We’re creating a program with an inspiring new vision and dedicated youth space, and are pleased to announce the appointment of Lauren Johnson as our new Director of Youth Ministries!

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The youth ministry of Christ Church Greenwich is a community of youth and families that offers fellowship, joyful worship, service, and prayer to foster growth with each other and God.

Our Values

  • Welcome: We provide an inclusive and accepting environment.
  • Wonder: We fearlessly explore the mysteries of life within the framework of our Christian values.
  • Fun & Fellowship: We encourage youth bonding and camaraderie.

Adolescence occupies the liminal space between childhood and adulthood: perhaps more than any other stage of life, it is a time of questioning, self-discovery, discernment, and exploration. Here at Christ Church Greenwich, we seek to facilitate that exploration for middle school and high school youth, building on the foundations begun in our Children’s Ministries program. We want ALL of our middle school and high school youth to know that there is a place for each of them in the Christ Church Greenwich community!

Christ Church Choirs Fun, photo by Joanne Bouknight


Christ Church Music has a very active youth Choir Program. Generations of choristers have found friendship, fun, and a welcoming community through their involvement in the choirs. Learn more here.

If you are interested in our Confirmation Program for 7th and 8th graders, please click here.


Youth News

Partnering with the YWCA – Teen Dating Event

The Christ Church Youth Program was offered the unique opportunity to partner with YWCA for an event on February 27, 2018. The event will feature a presentation by The Looking In Theatre, which is a program of the Greater Hartford Academy of Arts and is the recipient of the 2017...
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Youth Blog

2018 Choir Ski Trip

The 2nd Annual Choir Ski Trip to Jiminy Peak was a huge success this year. We had 26 choristers and parents attend! On Friday night, everyone staggered in at different times where we all met in the common room of the Inn where we stayed. Pam Ferraro, the amazing planner, brought...
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