NEW Art Installation

new temporary art installation












On October 3rd, Christ Church cemetery hosted the second annual cemetery tour given by our parish historian Lynn Garelick.   The foundation of the Episcopal church in New England started right here at Christ Church as well as several founders of our great town.  The history and natural beauty of the cemetery continue to give rest and peace to all who visit.

We are also thrilled to share our first Temporary Art Installation awarded to local Connecticut artist, Joseph Dermody.   Arts & the Spirit published an invitation for artists to submit their ideas for an art installation that will return to the earth over a 12 month period to share the story of the cycle of life through art.   Joe’s Prayer Towers will be blessed and open to the public at our cemetery tour at 3:15pm.  All that visit will be invited to write a prayer on special paper filled with wild flower seeds.  Place their prayers in the prayer tour sculptures this fall and winter, to return in the spring to see the birth of new life from Joe’s art sculpture and our community prayers together with God’s blessings.

All in the community are welcome.  Please register HERE so we can plan for the number of people we will be hosting on our tours and lite refreshments.