Antiracism & Healing Task Force

Educating for Racial Equity

Christ Church Greenwich’s Senior Associate Rector, The Rev. Dr. Cheryl McFadden sits down with parishioner Lucy Rinaldi (founder, Andrew’s Fund) and Michael Hyman (Equity Institute Advisor, Domus Kids) at Dogwood Books & Gifts to talk about the Racial Harmony Project.

Christ Church Greenwich is committed to building a Beloved Community where all people experience dignity and abundant life together as beloved children of God; the mission of the Antiracism & Healing Task Force is to embrace antiracism and to lead, challenge and inspire our community to work toward diversity and inclusion as reconciliers, justice-makers, and healers in the name of Christ.

As part of the Antiracism & Healing Task Force, ERE’s mission is to identify speakers, films, and readings and to provide spaces for discussion to deepen awareness and understanding of the complexities of structural racism. ERE programs empower us individually and as a faith community to build a more just and equitable society.

We are in the process of shaping our subcommittees, and anticipate a long term process as we are not rushing into projects.  If you would like to join a subcommittee please contact George Belshaw,

Healing Through Melody

An inspiring story about sowing the seeds of change in our communities as a way of preventing racism and creating healing….