Living Non-Anxiously in an Anxious World

Advent is a time to center oneself in the Spirit, to feel cared for and to care for others. It is a season to integrate our weaknesses and imperfections and to recognize that we don’t have to be perfect or great. Advent and the spiritual life are about wholeness and realizing that we are unconditionally loved.

Sunday, December 8
10:10am, Parish Hall

What calms a person down? What wisdom reduces anxiety within us?  Come hear from the Rev. Dr. Steve Treat–a pastoral counselor and marriage and family therapist with 40 years experience. Dr. Treat ran a very successful youth ministry program at the New Canaan Congregational Church and is the former CEO of the largest relationship counseling center in the United States. An amazing speaker and a close friend of our Rector–please join us in welcoming Dr. Treat to our Sunday Forum.


Anxiety, Loneliness & Social Media

Sunday, December 8
4-5:30pm, Rectory

For parents of teens

The Rev. Dr. Steve Treat will be joined by his daughter Dr. Emily Atwell, also a marriage and family therapist, to speak to parents about the prevalence of anxiety, loneliness & social media in our society. How our faith can play a role in guiding our children through these tough issues?

If you would like to join us for this important discussion, RSVP to Lauren Johnson.