August 24


We started out our day with a big breakfast of French toast and bacon. After a big meal we were ready for our morning service! Mark Fitzhugh, the priest at St. John’s Lattingtown and former Christ Church priest, came to camp to lead us in Eucharist. He even remembered baptizing some choristers. It was great to see him again.

The service was followed by a very productive Evensong rehearsal and time to work on our skits. Lunch was delicious yet again! Chef Alex prepared BBQ chicken and some hotdogs. After lunch while the girls rehearsed, the boys went swimming.

After an hour of intense pool games (chicken fights), the girls went to swim while the boys rehearsed. After 30 minutes to spare before dinner we practice our skit and played more gaga ball. We feasted on lasagna, veggies, and the brownies for dinner, and then made our way to the practice room for our Evensong run through. We also said goodbye to Miss Janna who helped all of us improve our singing voices throughout the week. We will miss her and hope to see her again!

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After rehearsal, we went to compline again. What a nice way to end a productive day: a beautiful compline service overlooking the vast Long Island Sound.

The best part of our day was skit night. There were four skits. The first skit was Roasts and Jokes performed by all of the boys which had a lot of us falling out of our chairs laughing. The next skit what is the Wizard of Snooze, a twist on The Wizard of Oz expertly written and directed by Bee Healy. The next one was the Daily Life of Agatha and Esmeralda played by Lena and Maya with Isabelle and Alice as their arms. Finally, Tessa, Scarlett, and Sienna performed their Don’t Eat the Last Donut rap with a big finish of confetti. Finally, the high schoolers handed out paper plate awards, a long-standing tradition, which were a hit. After skit night, we returned to the cabins to pack for Evensong.

– Daniel and George

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