Today, after beginning our day by saying Morning Prayer on the van, we had a spectacular day of hiking divided into three walks totaling eight miles. Those who couldn’t walk that far were able to walk as little as 1.7 miles and could rest on the van until these others had finished their hike. The countryside was beautiful. We were walking through the region of Bierzo in Asturias. Along the way, we each climbed up a mound of stones and left a stone that we brought from home at Cruz de Fero – the Iron Cross, which has been in place since the 14th century. It marks the highest place on the Camino Frances, which we are walking. Leaving a stone as an offering is an ancient Celtic custom. The stone represents someone we are carrying in our heart as we make this pilgrimage or something that we want to let go of or struggle with or our hope for the future. Tonight, we are staying in Cacabellos, where pilgrim Adriana Riles learned just two days ago that her family came from in Spain before immigrating to Argentina. We’re staying at the stunning Prada winery, where we enjoyed a tour of the winery and a wine and cheese tasting of the wines and cheeses found along the Camino. Our unanimous favorite was the Prada red wine made from Mencia grapes. Dinner was spectacular. The rooms at the hotel are charming and look out over the vineyard. How blessed we are!