We had a spectacular day of hiking. The trail was challenging at times but manageable. Bicyclists who raced by without giving any advance warning and loose stones were our main worries. The sun was lovely. The scenery was stunning. We walked seven miles. Some who preferred to walk less. They met the van and rested. Everyone encouraged each other to walk what they were comfortable walking. Most walked in pairs or in threes, but we encouraged everyone to feel free to walk alone and enjoy some time for reflection. The Camino affords opportunity for both. Our destination was O’Ceibrero – a lovely little Celtic village atop the mountains. It is the gateway to Galicia – the autonomous region or state in the northwest corner of Spain. Of the 17 autonomias or regional states in Spain, it is my favorite. We stayed at a painza, which is a country estate where we had a lovely but simple dinner while three musicians serenaded us while playing the violin, keyboard and the gaita, which is the Spanish version of bagpipes. Before dinner, we celebrated the Eucharist in the local village church. It was quite special!