Camino extra credit! It is a joy to have a few extra days following the Christ Church Greenwich pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela to have taken a train to meet our youngest daughter, Isabelle, in Zaragoza, which is Spain’s fifth largest city. The city dates back to Roman times and is named after Cesar Augustus. I have long wanted to visit it, and see La Basilica de la Nuestra Virgen del Pilar, which is the church built around the pilar of jade where Jesus’ Apostle St. James the Greater – Santiago as in Santiago de Compostela fame – saw the Virgin Mary on a pilar before leaving the Iberian Peninsula  and retuning to the Holy Land where Herod Agrippa ordered him to be beheaded in 44 A.D. Hemingway named his boat in Cuba after El Pilár – Spain’s most famous Virgin. Many women in Spain are named Pilar in honor of the Virgin Mary’s appearance in Zaragoza. The city valiantly defended itself in brutal attacks by the French during the Napoleonic Wars.