Choir Tour 2018: Blog Day 4

Today was a relaxed, normal day. We woke up to pancakes and chocolate waffles for breakfast, and then headed over to the undercroft for evensong rehearsal. Hillary Llystyn-Jones was there to teach us some new warm ups and give us singing tips; she also worked privately with the soloists. Dr. Moore also joined us to work on his responses and Come Thou Fount for the trebles-only service that night. After a good rehearsal we gathered in the cathedral for a tour. During the tour we learned about the history of the cathedral and the people involved in it’s building and ministry. We especially liked the “holy hole”, where pilgrims went to view the religious artifacts, and the scuba diver who saved the building from collapsing. We also learned that our tour guide was a student at Winchester College where we are staying! After the tour, we had our lunch on the green and went shopping in town during free time. The candy store was our first stop; we got Warheads, Chewy Cubes, and KinderEggs. After a couple more stops, we headed back to the undercroft for our final rehearsal before getting changed for evensong. At four o’clock we filed into the choir stalls in our robes and rehearsed for the last time before evensong. Our trebles-only servicewent really well. We loved having Dr. Moore there to conduct his pieces! We finished off the day with another delicious meal before free time, and then dozed off for the night.

-Ty and James M.

Christ Church Greenwich