Choir Tour 2018: Blog Days 5 & 6

August 3 & 4, 2018

Days five and six of the England tour were full of rehearsal and preparing for a big day of singing on Sunday. On Friday, we mainly rehearsed music for evensong, which included both an anthem and Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis by William Byrd. Our day progressed with a packed lunch and free time at the WinchestersShops, and then more afternoon rehearsal. We were very lucky to have some more time to work with Hillary Llyston-Jones. More of us had the chance to meet with her one-on-one to work on vocal technique and our individual voices. While some had private lesson time with Hillary, the rest worked hard on upcoming music with Mr. Vaughn and the men in the undercroft. We made our way back to Winchester College after the successful afternoon rehearsal to change before a lovely Friday evensong featuring music by Byrd and Tompkins.

Saturday went similarly, with morning rehearsal in the undercroft, packed lunch, and free time in town. Mr. Hitel was feeling generous, and gave the trebles an afternoon off. We some extra quiet time in the afternoon while the men rehearsed more for evensong. While most napped or read their books during down time, some of the younger girls entertained themselves with face masks. The Saturday service was yet another success, including a crowd favorite, Sumsion’s They That Go Down to the Sea In Ships

We finished off both Friday and Saturday with delicious meals prepared by the Winchester College chefs and lots of soccer in the nearby field.  After a game of very disorganized but extremely fun soccer, we headed off to bed early in preparation for a full Sunday of singing.