Choir Tour: Monday, July 27


Day 1 is done. Yesterday was the first day we got to walk around and sing in Bristol Cathedral, and it was amazing. The building is beautiful, and the acoustics in both the main worship space and our rehearsal room are spectacular. We were introduced to the numerous singers who will be with us for the majority of our tour, and they were all very nice and had great singing voices.

Our Evensong was a surreal experience. The sounds vibrating off the humungous ceilings were fantastic. Our first night was pretty much a success; except for a few unnoticeable bumps, the service flowed smoothly. We are looking forward to perfecting our technique in this wonderful space.

The weather yesterday was, of course, cold and rainy – something we’ll definitely have to get used to. Not really sure we packed enough jeans. We were supposed to go on a ghost tour in the evening, but to our dismay, the ghost tour guide told us that ghosts are scared of the rain… those wimps. Hopefully we’ll go on the tour another day this week.

Instead of taking the ghost tour, we spent time around the hostel and in the city. Some people had the opportunity to enjoy a second dinner, while others worked hard on making a music video to a song from the play Hairspray. It ended up being a very enjoyable evening, despite the lack of sun.

We’re really looking forward to a great week in Bristol!

Below you will find a link to a recording of our Evensong from last night; enjoy!


Kate and Amaia


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