Choir Tour: Thursday, July 30

Howdy y’all,

This morning we took a bus ride to Wookey Hole and it was fun. We were all laughing and talking the whole way there when I started a chant that goes like this:

Will: “I say Wookey, you say hole! Wookey!”

Choir: “Hole!”

Will: “Wookey!”

Choir: “Hole!”

Will: “Wookey wookey wookey!”

Choir: “Hole hole hole!”

Will: “Let’s go wookey!”

Choir: “To the HOLE!!!”

It was very entertaining to say the least. When we got off the bus, it didn’t look very convincing. We thought it was supposed to be a theme park, but all we saw when we got there were rocks. Then once we all walked in it looked pretty cool; there were lots of things to do like miniature golfing, looking at the big sculptures of dinosaurs and gorillas, and even exploring the Wookey Hole cave!

When we first got there, everybody went into the cave and the tour guide explained which each chamber had in it and what made each one different from the others. She also told us about a witch who lived in the cave a long time ago, and how she was turned into stone by a monk.The cave was very scary because we were told there were bats, although we didn’t see any. We also got to sing “My Soul, There is a Country” in the second chamber of the cave, which had the best acoustics; it was a very cool experience. Then we all went off to eat lunch and explore.

After having lunch, some of us played miniature golf and I got a really low score. Harrison and I also panned for gold and ended up finding some. I had so much sugar that I felt dizzy! There was also a big building that had a lot of activities to do, such as arcade games, a circus, and mini-golfing.

After we left Wookey Hole, we went on the bus again and went to the coast, to a town called Weston-super-Mare. We had about two hours to do whatever we wanted along the beach. The first thing I did was go on the trampolines and I thought they were really cool, but there were lots of babies on them. I kept hitting my leg on the metal… it was like my leg was a magnet or something. Then I met up with some friends on the Ferris wheel and when they were done, we all went to have donkey rides on the beach. It was very fun, especially since I’ve never ridden a donkey before! After that, we went to the arcade and I went to “the claw” game and spent 20 pounds on it, but sadly I got nothing. However, I watched as Nadia, who had one pound… she put it in, and on the first try, she got one.

At 5:30, we all met at the end of the pier, where we were all telling jokes, and I put my towel over my head, becoming “Water Nun” once again. We then headed to the fish and chips store. I’ve never tried fish and chips before, and I’ve gotta admit, they were really good. I ate way too many, so I didn’t feel like walking back to the bus.

When everyone was done eating, we went back on the bus. We got back to the hostel, wishing that we hadn’t had to leave Wookey Hole and the beach.


Will M. and Nadia

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