Choir Tour: Tuesday, July 28

Greetings from England!

Today for breakfast we had the same thing we had the day before which was eggs, sausages, hash browns (yummy), and bacon.

Today was different because Miss Hilary (Llystyn Jones) came and started off the rehearsal rather than Mr. Hitel.  She focused on posture and getting your muscles warmed up. Then she did a few vocal warmups that were pretty normal.

Then we had a scavenger hunt where we had to find answers to 10 questions in the cloister garden behind the cathedral. During this, the older kids went to the top of the cathedral, which was what we did after we finished the scavenger hunt.

The tour of the cathedral was unusual because we toured the vaulting and the roof of the cathedral, which most people don’t get to see. From the vaulting, we could see the X-shaped vaults that you can usually only see from the inside of the cathedral. We even saw a doorway that said “DANGER INSIDE” carved into the wood. It’s cool to see how it all fits together, especially because I learned about cathedral architecture in school this year. After we toured the vault, we went to the roof where we could see the whole surrounding area. We had a great view of the town and that’s something that most people don’t get to see.

Afterward, we walked into the bell tower where we could see the clockwork on the first floor, the bells on the second, and then an even better bird’s eye view from the roof.

After we came down, we had lunch, which is the same every day (sandwich and chips) and then we went home and got ready for evensong.

Evensong was good; it was short (shorter than at Christ Church – no sermon). Then we came back and got gelato and now we are back at the hostel and resting before bed.

If you want to hear tonight’s evensong, just click below!


Harrison and Matthew


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