Clergy Update

The Rev. Andrew Kryzak

Dear friends,

I am writing to announce that the Rev. Andrew Kryzak has received a wonderful new call and will be concluding his ministry at Christ Church. This is a loss for all of us, who have come to know and love Andrew. I have yet to meet a parishioner who does not love Andrew and who is not grateful for his wonderful sermons, his fine ministry and his attentive pastoral care. He has truly touched countless lives during his time with us. As a colleague, he has been a joy to serve with and a source of wise counsel as I came aboard as your Rector eighteen months ago. Andrew showed me the ropes, and I shall always be grateful to him for that.

Andrew began his ministry with us in 2016, when he arrived as Seminarian from the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, selected by my predecessor, the Rev. Dr. Jim Lemler. It was a great decision on Jim’s part. Since 2018, Andrew has served as our Curate and recently was elevated to become our Associate Rector for Worship, Outreach, and Membership. Throughout his four years, he has been a trusted colleague, a fine liturgist, compassionate listener, a problem solver, and a valued member of the Christ Church family. Andrew has baptized children, prepared teenagers for confirmation, celebrated weddings, and officiated at many funerals. Few Curates have received more responsibility and done so well with it.

Now, Andrew has been called to Christ Church, Georgetown, in Washington D.C., where he will serve as Associate Rector. I have known this church for decades. It’s a fine congregation in a great location. Andrew takes up his duties in Georgetown in August. He will be with us through July. Let’s savor our time with him. We hope to gather to say farewell to him and Hannah in a safe and festive way. More information will be forthcoming as our Reopening Task Force establishes guidelines for the use of our campus. We will bid Godspeed to Andrew and thank him for his wonderful service and gifts, as we commend him to this new chapter in his ministry.

I speak for all of our clergy, staff, Vestry, and parish when I say it’s been a high privilege to share ministry with Andrew. We shall miss him greatly! Hannah and he will always be in our hearts. As many of you have told me, “Andrew has a great future ahead of him. He is going somewhere in the Church.” I can only echo that and thank each of you for helping to equip Andrew, as you have equipped so many fine priests before him, to become a great leader in the Episcopal Church. May God bless him and each of you always.

With Easter blessings,

The Rev. Marek Zabriskie