Our Confirmation program prepares interested 8th grade students for the rite of Confirmation, a liturgy in which baptized Christians affirm their faith and make a mature, public commitment to a life in Christ. Each spring, candidates for Confirmation come before the bishop to renew the promises that parents and godparents made on their behalf at their baptism. The bishop lays hands on the head of each confirmand in turn, praying for the Holy Spirit to empower and sustain him or her.

Overview and Curriculum

The goal of our Confirmation program is to deepen the faith of our 8th-grade youth and to be present with them as they progress on their journey toward spiritual maturity. The lessons for our regular classes will come from the Confirm not Conform program. This program engages students in an exploration of their faith in a safe atmosphere, where questions are not only accepted, but encouraged. Additionally, the course will cover some basic elements of our common life in the church: the sacraments (with a special focus on Baptism and Holy Communion), the Bible, The Book of Common Prayer and the Anglican/Episcopal tradition, as well as an emphasis on Christian life within the church and in the world. Students are also required to complete a number of service hours within Christ Church Greenwich ministries.

Parents of confirmands are invited to attend two events during the year with the rector, Marek Zabriskie, to encourage them as spiritual role models and help them deepen their own faith.

The cost for the 2022-23 Confirmation program year is $250 per student and can be paid online at the time of registration. Register HERE.

Scholarships are available

2022/2023 Program Calendar

This year, our confirmation program will run from late September through early June. In general, classes will meet on Sunday mornings at 11:15 am, please contact Deacon Susie ( for more information.

Below is please find the schedule for Confirmation classes. The date for the Confirmation service itself will be announced when we are notified by the bishops’ office.

Adults interested in being Confirmed or Received or in Reaffirming their faith can contact Deacon Susie ( for more information.

Confirmation Class Schedule (11:15 am in the Youth Room)
Curriculum – Confirm not Conform 

Sept 25: Orientation and What Do You Believe?  (with parents in the Chapel)

Oct 16: Packathon Community Service Day

Oct 30: Scripture: A Mad Dash through the Good Book  

November 5th (Saturday 9:00 – 1:00) : Team Building with Mentors  

November 13: Teach us to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer 

December 11: Tradition: The Nicene Creed

Confirmation Class Schedule (11:15 am in the Youth Room)
Curriculum – Confirm not Conform 

January 8

Tradition: Church History Continued

January 22

Teach us to Pray: The Book of Common Prayer

February 12

Teach us to Pray: Sacraments 

February 26

The Ministry of the Baptized

April 23

Faith in Action: May We Present 

May 14

Individual Meetings with clergy

June 11

Rehearsal for confirmation service 

Confirmation with the Bishop
June 2023

Questions? Please contact the Deacon Susie for more information