Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Diocese of Mt. KilimanjaroSince 1988 Christ Church Greenwich has had a relationship with the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro (DMK) located in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. The current focus targets education and fresh water, and it is yielding significant results. The Endupoto Primary School was started in 2008 with one classroom. Now 200 children attend kindergarten through fifth grade. Two additional classrooms plus a teachers’ room were completed this year. During the most recent mission trip in September/October 2016, we celebrated the first graduating class of the Endupoto Primary School and witnessed the building of a church and pastor’s house for the community.

Volunteers are needed to coordinate an arts and crafts project. You would help develop an exchange between the Christ Church Sunday School children and older youth, and the students at Endupoto. For more information please contact Karen Royce.