Choral Evensong
Choral Evensong is now being offered twice a week!

Come discover Choral Evensong – a respite for your soul. Let the words and music of this special liturgy wash over you and clear away the strain of the day. Join us in-person or via Livestream!

About Choral Evensong

Dating back to Thomas Cranmer’s first Book of Common Prayer in 1549, Choral Evensong follows the traditional pattern laid out in the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer.

Choral Evensong celebrates the history of salvation, in word and song. At Christ Church, music generally includes works from the Anglican tradition, with composers of the Tudor period through newly commissioned works. You can expect a service that includes scripture from the Old and New Testament, interspersed with psalmody, prayer, and praise. On Sundays the service includes a sermon and concludes with a hymn.

Come join in a tradition that dates back to the time of the founding of the Town of Greenwich, and nourish your spirit in times that can sometimes feel almost as turbulent as Cranmer’s.