Follow The Star: Nativities of the World

The Arts and the Spirit Committee of Christ Church Greenwich is pleased to announce an extraordinary event taking place this November 8-11: Follow the Star: Nativities of the World.

Join us for an exhibit featuring 100 unique crèche scenes from around the world!

Thursday November 8, 6-9pm

Patron Preview Party

Meet our new Rector The Rev’d Marek Zabriskie! Enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live music, and a private preview of the show.

$100 | $300 | $500

Online registration for this event is closed.  
Tickets can be purchased at the door. 

Public Admission:

Friday November 9, 10 – 5

School groups are invited to come by appointment free of charge on Friday! (email Beverly Keyes)

Saturday November 10, 10 – 5

Sunday November 11, 11 – 4

Enjoy LIVE MUSIC during your visit!

Admission: $10 for adults; $5 for teens; free for younger children.
Tickets can be bought at the door.

On Saturday and Sunday the photographer Marilyn Roos will be taking family portraits for an additional discounted fee! 

Proceeds from this event will benefit our non-profit partners Neighbor to Neighbor and Domus Kids. A portion of the ticket cost is tax deductible for the full amount allowable under IRS regulations.

The nativity scenes in this exhibit come from around the world. Some are sophisticated, hauntingly lovely works of art, created by master craftsmen. Others are done by simple artisans, who use locally available materials to tell the story the only way they know how, in terms of their own lives – where they live and what flora and fauna flourish there, as well as what their families and neighbors look like, wear and value.

While the differences between the scenes provide a fascinating study in cross-cultural anthropology, what unites them is far more significant. Together they reinforce the universality of the life-changing story of the birth of Jesus Christ, serving as vivid reminders that He came to save us all.

This marks the 10th anniversary of the successful original show which took place in 2008. Christ Church Greenwich is blessed to have parishioners with priceless collections of nativity scenes from all over the world – as well as friends in the community who will be donors. This year we are excited to be working with other churches.

Project Co-Chairs: Penny Winters (Christ Church Greenwich)

Jenny Forti (Stanwich Congregational Church)

Honorary Chair: Kay Langan (Christ Church Greenwich)

Christ Church Greenwich