Funeral Planning: A Testimonial

[dropcap color=”#ffffff” background=”#555555″]F[/dropcap]uneral planning… it is one issue throughout our lives that no one seems to want to talk about… not with spouses, not with families. It seems that we are in denial of our own mortality.
(adapted from D. Elton Trueblood)

When Loren and I were first married, we actually had an in depth conversation about what we both wanted, should either of us be the first to pass. This discussion was made easier because Loren’s mom had died suddenly at the young age of 44. Knowing death can happen at any moment in time, we talked about the service, music, etc., not wanting viewing hours, and burial vs. cremation. Even though it was hard to talk about death, it gave both of us a tremendous sense of relief to know each other’s wishes, and to not have to make those decisions during a time of grief. We also wanted to create an endowment for the program that was nearest and dearest to our hearts – Children’s Ministries – we were proud to establish this fund and it will be a lasting legacy to the children of Christ Church Greenwich.

When Loren became ill in 2010, the only thing on our minds was her complete recovery, but, sadly, that was not to be. When she passed on April 27, the biggest comfort that I had was the funeral arrangements and wishes we had discussed so long ago. It made the grieving process much easier to handle, and we were able to spend more time on family healing. Also being a part of Christ Church and its amazingly supportive congregation helped to carry us through that most difficult time.

I strongly urge everyone to start a dialogue with your loved ones so when the moment comes and we have left our earthly home, our families will have more time to celebrate and give thanks for our lives.

– Gregg Gregory