Getting Along during at Time of Division
MARCH 7: We welcome veteran journalist, author, and host of "World Affairs" Ray Suarez to our Sunday Forum.

After a calamitous year, a tumultuous election, a mob attack at the Capitol, and an impeachment, a new Presidency began with Americans in moods that ranged from surly to despondent to mourning to hopeful. When the dust settles, we still have only one country. From the most profound challenges to the small day-to-day details of life we are, like it or not, stuck with each other. Can we do better than just faking a smile through gritted teeth?

Sunday, March 7
11am, via Zoom

Join veteran journalist and author Ray Suarez for some ideas and observations on “Getting Along in an Era of Division.” He is the host of “World Affairs,” produced by the World Affairs Council and KQED FM in San Francisco. He covers Washington for the English language cable news network “Euronews” and is the author of three books, has contributed recently to “Latino Americans: The 500-Year Legacy That Shaped a Nation.”  He is the father of three children, including the Rev. Eva Suarez, associate rector of St. James Episcopal Church in New York.