Giving Up Control: How to Tap Into God’s Timing for Your Life
APRIL 24: Join us for this Christ Church Women’s Virtual Retreat with Author Shannon Leyko.

Have you ever found yourself using the words “by now”? I should have gotten the promotion by now. I should have parenting figured out by now. I should have already written the book, started the company, and learned how to crack the code on self care while scaling to outrageous personal success.

Former Miss New York and current mom of two littles living in Alaska, Shannon Leyko knows what it’s like for life to go a bit sideways – from relationships, to career, to navigating parenthood on a remote island only accessible by boat or plane. Through life’s hard lessons and a big dose of trust – What used to make her anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed with feelings of falling behind has now been replaced with the peace of God’s timing. And now, she’s sharing her story with us.

Join the women of Christ Church for a special retreat hosted by author and blogger Shannon Leyko, as she unpacks her new book You’re Completely Normal which dissects the nine most prominent facets of life that can make even the most successful person feel off track.

Saturday, April 24
11am, via Zoom

In this 90-minute retreat, Leyko unpacks the pressures of cultural uniformity, living into God’s purpose, and the inevitable departure from lofty personal timelines. All are welcome!


Shannon Leyko is a longtime blogger, and former executive assistant, office manager, reality TV scout, waitress, dancing banana, and theme park performer. She lives in Southeast Alaska with her husband, two children, and adorable maltipoo named Noma. Find more of her writing at

Shannon Leyko