With the goal of breaking the cycle of homelessness, Inspirica helps people achieve and maintain permanent housing. Inspirica provides services to single women, families, people with mental illness, and people with HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers from Christ Church Greenwich prepare a meal on the first Wednesday of every month.

Christ Church Greenwich also sponsors two annual events: Gingerbread House Making Party in December and a picnic at Greenwich Point in June. You can help by shopping, cooking or chaperoning. These fun projects need only short-term time commitments, and responsibilities are easy to fulfill.

Many Christ Church Greenwich volunteers are active in a number of programs and special events. One Monday evening a month, volunteers from Christ Church participate in Women of Vision’s Reading and Art Night programs for the elementary and middle school children living at Inspirica. On the first Wednesday of the month, volunteers from Christ Church prepare and serve a meal at Inspirica. Christ Church also sponsors two annual fun-filled events: a picnic at Greenwich Point in June and a Gingerbread House Making Party in December where volunteers can help by shopping, cooking or chaperoning. Adult volunteers are needed to help with all of these programs as well as assisting the children with homework at Inspirica’s after-school Youth Center.

Christ Church Greenwich provides grants to Inspirica, including $8,500 in 2016, to help address housing where the need is greatest.

Curtis Troeger, Inspirica’s Director of Children’s Services, appreciates all that Women of Vision does for children at the shelter:

“Women of Vision take the time to craft fantastic reading and art activities, which make children in traumatic circumstances feel closer to ‘normal.’  The benefits are incalculable.”

Jason Shaplen, CEO Inspirica, is deeply grateful for all Christ Church does to support Inspirica:

“Our missions are aligned, which is what makes our partnership so strong. We both believe it is a basic tenet of humanity that great nations are defined not by how far the top of society has reach, but how far the bottom has. We can never live up to potential as a nation, as citizens, and as individuals until we end homelessness.”

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