A Letter from the Clergy
Bearing Witness to Social Injustices

June 2, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

The demonstrations across the country in the last week in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis are a stark reminder that racism and discrimination continue to plague our lives in communities across our nation and at home. Silence and inaction only breeds further discord in the lives of our friends and neighbors. Christ Church stands firmly against racism and in solidarity with the community of color and with all who peacefully protest injustice.

This is a crucible moment that demands moral clarity, significant change, and effective leadership. We can begin at home teaching our children to love all people. We can extend our belief in and care of those we interact with in our daily lives; on our sidewalks, at the grocery store, at work. As Christians, we see Christ in everyone we encounter regardless of race, creed, or gender. We pray for justice and peace in our nation and for the courage to dismantle prejudices.

Please join us for a Vigil for Justice this Thursday at 8:30pm, in person, or virtually on Zoom. We will gather on the circle in front of the church to witness, to mourn, and to pray for real and lasting justice in our fractured nation. We are limiting in person attendance. Please register and find the Zoom link here.

As followers of Christ, we must stand up to racism and discrimination by continuing to love and serve Christ in all people.

With love and peace,

The Rev. Marek Zabriskie

The Rev. Dr. Cheryl McFadden
Senior Associate Rector

The Rev. Andrew Kryzak
Associate Rector

The Rev. Abby VanderBrug
Director of Children & Family Ministries

The Rev. Terry Elsberry
Priest Associate