Meditation on the Passion

Join us for a special choral Meditation on the Passion of Christ sung by the Christ Church Singers.

Palm Sunday, April 14
5pm, Church

The service is based upon that used annually at St. John’s College, Cambridge, UK, which was developed by the Rev’d Dr. Andrew Macintosh and Dr. George Guest in the mid 1980s as a parallel to their Advent Carol Service. For a time the service was broadcast annually, as the Advent service still is.

Central to the sequence of music and readings is the singing of the Passion Gospel, and we have chosen to hear St. Luke’s account which our parish studied earlier this year. The tradition of singing the Passion narrative in this way goes back at least as far as the Eighth Century. The story is narrated by an evangelist singing in a medium register, with a bass voice playing the part of Christ, and a high voice covering the other roles, in particular Pontius Pilate. The crowd’s interjections are sung by the rest of the choir, and tonight these are to music by the Flemish composer Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594).

Amongst the anthems you will hear at this services are three pieces written especially for the Christ Church Singers and performed for the first time: Philip Moore’s Tamquam ad latronem and Eram quasi Agnus; and Brandon Qi’s O vos omnes. We thank Philip and Brandon for enriching this service with their music.