Saturday, April 22
8:30am – 3:30 pm
Christ Church Campus

“Navigating Life” Women’s Conference

Join us for an immersive experience with 15 women speakers. This event is by women and for women, where inspiration meets practical advice. Select your personal schedule from a list of group discussions, speakers, and workshops that will soothe your soul and provide motivation.  online. Space is limited. Please register here>  

Co-Chairs: The Rev. Dr. Cheryl McFadden, Associate Rector Christ Church Greenwich and Lucy Rinaldi, Senior Warden, Christ Church Greenwich

Welcome by Bishop Laura Ahrens

Guest Speakers and Sessions:

Jenny Clift, “EFT Tapping to Navigate Life with Less Stress and More Success”
Icy Frantz, “Choosing Life – Coping with Turning Points in Life”
Susan Gestal, MA, RPT, “Good Girl/Bad Girl: Boundaries for Women”
Claudia Gourdon & Amy Mooney, “Women and Money: Navigating Life’s Transitions”
Heather Watson Hardie, “The Suzuki Movement: Guiding Principles to Help You Steer Through Life and Parenthood”
Jody Noland, “Leave Nothing Unsaid” relationships/letter writing
Kate Osman, “Calming the Choppy Waters of Anxiety in Children and Teens”
Deborah Goodrich Royce, “The Female Arc: A Writer’s Approach to Embracing the Chapters of Your Life”
Shari Shapiro, “Children and Teens Today”
Jill Woolworth, MA, LMFT, “Loving & Losing: Growing & Grief”