I left Baiona with a grateful heart. Galicia is my favorite part of Spain. It reminds me of New England. Baiona is such a beautiful, welcoming, and interesting city.
The weather was perfect. The sun was rising. After 30 minutes my feet no longer hurt. I started to walk in a more natural way. I listened along the way to Johnny Cash reading several of St. Paul’s epistles. They are wonderful to listen to in their entirety.

I met a delightful French couple – Francois and Brigette. They have walked the Camino Le Puy and told me about it. I hope to walk part of it next year. Walking with someone else always makes the time pass quickly and enhances the journey. Life is about good conversations and getting to know others.

Vigo is Galicia’s largest city – population 300,000. It’s an urban sprawl. There’s a major shipbuilding industry and the second largest Citroen factory in the world, which employs 10,000 workers.

I got lost entering the city. My GPS took me across a bridge that pedestrians are not supposed to take. A police car pulled over and drove me to where they thought my hotel was. Unfortunately, it was still 40 minutes away, but I was most grateful for their help. It’s not every pilgrim who gets to ride in a police car.

A traditional Celtic music and dance festival was occurring. I love Celtic music and the traditional costumes.

The highlight of my day was attending the Celtic Vigo soccer game against Cadiz FC. Their star forward – Iago Aspas – scored for the fourth and fifth time in the first four games of the soccer season for Celtic becoming only the second player in club history to score in each of his first four games. The crowd went crazy. It was a great day to be in Spain.

With love and prayers from Galicia,