Instead of walking the Camino today, I took an hour and 15 minute boat ride and visited the Isla Ons – one of the three islands that make up the Islas Cíes in the estuary that forms part of the Rias Bajas (lower rivers) that enter the coast of Galicia south of Finisterre. Along these estuaries are some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

The Isla Ons has been conquered by Phoenicians, Visigoths, and Romans among others. At it’s height, 500 people lived and farmed on the island. There was a school and a priest visited several times a year to prepare children for confirmation. The chief work involved catching octopus, which Spaniards love to eat.

Today, there are only three people who live year-round on the island. One of them is the lighthouse keeper. Day trippers come every day now and enjoy walking through the nature preserve. I have wanted to visit thes islands for several years but you must make reservations in advance and some of the islands are booked out far in advance. The Cíes is said to have the most beautiful beach in the world.

On board the boat, I met a wonderful couple from Valencia – Vincente and Amparo, his wife. They made the journey over and back most enjoyable.

I forgot to bring my earphones so I couldn’t listen to any recorded books. There was just nature, beauty, silence, solitude, and me. I missed my family and would have loved to share this special place with them. I look forward to returning home in a few days and seeing them.

Tomorrow, I plan to combine two shorter stages into one and walk 25 miles to Pontevedra. To make it easier, I have arranged to have my backpack picked up and delivered to Pontevedra in advance of my arrival. This can now be done in most places on the Camino. I should have accessed this service sooner with banged up feet. Fingers crossed. The walk should be easier without out the load.

With love and prayers from Spain,