Recruitment Team

Since January the Recruitment Team has been preparing for its role in reviewing the profiles of potential rector candidates, by identifying core competencies needed in the spiritual leader of Christ Church Greenwich, and planning for the process through which we will determine which candidates to present to the Vestry for their ultimate consideration and call of our next Rector.  We look forward to carefully studying the profile developed by the Discernment Team to guide us in this process. We have been and will continue to be supported by the Prayer Team at our meetings and expect to call upon the Hospitality Team for assistance in the process of meeting with candidates.

The Recruitment Team’s work begins in earnest when we receive the complete list of candidates at a meeting with The Rev. Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann, Canon for Mission Leadership, and The Rev’d Marissa Rohrbach, our Transition Consultant. Applicants will have submitted resumes and references confidentially to Lee Ann during the time period she will post on the diocesan website. After Recruitment receives the list, we will determine which candidates to interview via Skype. Following these interviews, we will decide which candidates to invite to visit us in Greenwich. Following these visits, we will choose at least three candidates to present to the Vestry. The Recruitment Team will have completed its work when it turns over these names to the Vestry.                

We know that there are many outstanding clergy of the Episcopal Church and look forward to the exciting process of discussing with those who express interest in serving God in our parish the gifts which each of them would offer to our beloved community.

Abby Bates*, Marnie Dawson Carr, Pam Wesley Gomez, Carter Harris, Sara LaPorta, Clarena McBeth, Nancy Maulsby, Buzz Moore, Tom Nichols, John Pearl, Emily Ragsdale*, Andrew Rolfe, Chuck Royce, Lynne Smith