Represent Youth on Vestry
Calling all high school students!
We are looking for high school students to represent the youth of Christ Church Greenwich on the vestry!

This is a great opportunity to learn about the function and responsibilities of the vestry, while gaining valuable community service hours and experience.

Application deadline: April 1, 2021
I have really enjoyed my time as a youth member of the Vestry for the 2020-2021 term! The experience participating in meetings with senior members of the church has opened my eyes to how many moving parts there are in Christ Church. From managing budgets, to investing in the buildings and property, to planning worships schedules, the Vestry has nearly endless responsibilities. Although youth members are not voting members, being able to participate in meetings as a listener and contributor has been a rewarding and educational experience. I would encourage any eligible youth member to apply for the position!

– Jamie Hesser (2020-2021)

I sincerely enjoyed my experience on the vestry. I found it very useful to see what went on behind the scenes to make Christ Church function so well and to keep everything up and running, especially in this challenging time. I learned that it takes a great deal of civil discussion and collaboration to make something as grand as the upkeep and continuous improvement of Christ Church possible. I would recommend this opportunity to others as I found it very beneficial to gain a deeper understanding of how businesses are run and how adults effectively solve problems and state their opinions.

– Andrew Casturo-Burnette (2020-2021)

Vestry for me has been an amazing learning experience for myself, and my fellow teen vestry member. Throughout the vestry meetings I have attended, I was able to observe the inner-workings of the church, and what “goes on behind the scene”. In each meeting I was able to grasp how the vestry works together to solve problems for the church, from small matters, to huge decisions. I would overall highly recommend participating, as my experience so far has been a very interesting and exciting experience.

– Miranda Calver (2019-2020)

Being a youth vestry member has been a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how the church is run and the incredible collaborative effort that requires. I’ve been able to input my perspective on a number of issues and promote sustainability throughout the parish. I would absolutely recommend applying for this position, I’m so glad I did!

– Matthew Sullivan (2019-2020)