San Marcos’ New Home

In spite of the pandemic and economic hardship, Father Gil has been working on the remodeling of San Marcos’s new church home in Holguin. He has managed to obtain all the necessary materials for the work, except for cement, which is critical. For now, there is no cement available in Cuba, even for state projects. But he is persevering and, eventually, the renovation work will begin.

In the meantime, the new church site has already hosted its first event: a young people’s sleepover led by Minelis, Father Gil’s wife. As you can see (more photos below), it was a great success and a promising start to expanded youth activities at the new, larger church home.

In early October, Cuba reopened to international travel. While travel from the U.S. is still restricted, we look forward to returning to Cuba post-pandemic and seeing the new San Marcos church home first-hand.