Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

DMK_4img_6361Christ Church Greenwich has a long-standing relationship of twenty-eight years with the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro (DMK) in Tanzania, East Africa. In an exciting and thankful celebration on October 8, 2016, the first class of 38 students graduated from the Endupoto Primary School, which opened in 2008 and teaches children in kindergarten through 7th grade. Two-thirds of the graduating class successfully passed the national exam to attend secondary school in January. The joyous occasion of distributing certificates to the students with song, speeches and dance was paired with a spirit-filled church dedication and delicious meal of goat and rice. Fourteen friends of Christ Church were thrilled to attend and see Endupoto, “the miracle in the bush” where, without electricity, running water or roads, dedicated teachers and families are transforming lives. The primary school employs 11 teachers and enrolls 404 students, of which up to 60 are expected to graduate in 2017.

img_2955©Alex Lyddane Rains, 2016Christ Church makes a significant difference in the lives of the Maasai in the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro. This year grants of $2,700 were awarded and a special offering of $4,693 was taken at the Great Fall Gathering in September to build the church and pastor’s house, which combined with an existing grant of $2,000 and a starting match of $2,500 plus a most generous parishioner donation of $3,665 to build the pastor’s house, raised $12,858 to complete the construction. A separate donation funded the construction of a 10,000-liter rainwater harvesting tank for the pastor and his family. Christ Church Greenwich’s prayers, involvement through several mission trips, and direct financial support, strengthen the vibrant DMK community that is so filled with God’s presence. Christ Church Greenwich’s grants, along with other grants received, are exceedingly impactful in paying the salaries of 4 teachers and a cook for morning porridge, filling 8 rain water harvesting tanks during the dry seasons, buying textbooks and teaching supplies, and longer term, building facilities over the years that include 7 classrooms, a storeroom and teachers’ room, 2 cook houses, latrines for students and teachers, a playing field, a covered dining place, 3 houses for 9 of the teachers, planting over 400 trees, building raised beds for growing vegetables, and most recently, constructing a nearby church, and pastor’s house. Until now a classroom was used for worship on Sundays and it couldn’t hold all of the people attending.

A visiting professor from the University of Southern California interviewed community stakeholders at Endupoto and heard from one of the proud Maasai mother’s “I sent my son, a goat herder, and my daughter, a water gatherer, to Endupoto Primary School so they can read the street signs when they travel to the city of Arusha. My children are the first generation of literate family members.

The DMK values the long-term relationship with Christ Church Greenwich. Visits in both directions strengthen the work we do together.

– Bishop Stanley Hotay
Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro
Tanzania, East Africa

Karen Royce and Cheryl Kyle are the co-leaders of Christ Church’s outreach to the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  To become involved in volunteer opportunities, including working with Karen and Cheryl to expand the leadership , or donating a child’s lunch for approximately $20/student/year, or supporting initiatives with Bishop Stanley Hotay, contact Karen Royce, kfroyce@gmail.com.

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