Sunday Forum

Fall 2022 Sunday Forum Series

SUNDAY, September 11
11:15 AM in the Parrish Hall

​​Mike Hayes Navy SEAL
“Living Lives of Meaning and Purpose: Lessons Learned from a Navy Seal”

Former Commander of SEAL Team TWO, he has lived a lifetime of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. He applies high-stakes lessons about excellence, agility, and meaning across our personal and professional lives.

Sunday, September 25
11:15 am in the Parish Hall

Bishop Griselda del Carpio
“Rebuilding God’s Kingdom in Cuba”

Sunday, October 9
11:15 am in the Parish Hall

Rabbi Mitch Hurvitz, Temple Sholom, Greenwich
“Faith-based Wisdom on Attaining Work-Life Balance” 

Our next door neighbor and very dear friend, Rabbi Mitch, will share his infinite wisdom with us on deepening our relationships and living a more positive, fulfilled life.

Sunday, October 23
11:15 am in the Parish Hall

Philip Moore, Organist Emeritus, York Minster
“With Love and Gratitude – a Life in Music and Serving God” 

Dr Philip Moore was Organist and Master of the Music at York Minster for twenty-five years.  A world-famous composer, he has been a visiting artist to Christ Church since 2009.  Philip will discuss his life in music as we celebrate the dedication of our new organ.

Sunday, October 30
11:15 am in the Parish Hall

Meet the new Youth Minister, xxx, and Children’s Minister, Deacon Susie McNiff
“Children and Spirituality”

Welcome the new Christ Church Children and Youth Leaders and hear why they believe that now, more than ever, we need to raise children with spirituality so they can grow to become loving, empathetic, resilient adults. Engaging conversation followed by a Q&A.

Sunday, november 13
11:15 am in the Parish Hall

Andrew McGowan
“Saints, Soldiers, and Suffering: The Legacy of St Martin”

When the Armistice of 1918 was signed, it was not accidental that St Martin’s Day was chosen. Martin (336? – 397) was a Roman soldier whose conversion to Christianity led him to abandon state-sanctioned violence and take up the life of a hermit in Gaul (France). After years of monastic life he was made Bishop of Tours, and maintained his opposition to the misuse of state force, even in ostensibly worthy causes.

Sunday, november 20
11:15 am in the Parish Hall

A conversation with Molly King and Adam Rohdie
“Learning & Leading – Raising Children of Outstanding Character”

Adam Rohdie is in his 19th year serving as the Head of the Greenwich Country Day School and will be in conversation with Molly King, who is retiring as the Head of School at Greenwich Academy after 18 years. These two extraordinary, experienced leaders in children’s education have much to offer parents and grandparents, trying to raise outstanding children in these unprecedented times. 

Sunday, december 11
11:15 am in the Parish Hall

Jill Woolworth 
“The Art and Power of Parenting Children, Teens and Our Adult Children” 

Jill is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and has been mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, sister, woman of faith, friend and mentor.