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The Creation Care Series

“Millions of people know the power of discovering God not only in ancient churches, monasteries, and holy sites but also in the surrounding landscapes. Who can venture through a forest of redwood trees or stand on a mountain overlooking the valleys below and not have a religious experience?” says our Rector, Marek Zabriskie. “Climate change and global warming are affecting all of creation. “As Christians, we can play a critical role in helping to reshape our self-understanding and attachment to the earth- while there is still time. Christianity demands that we critically rethink our lifestyles, our use of resources and our attachment to creation, and our theology and mission.”

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The Rev. Fletcher Harper is Executive Director of Greenfaith, which is an international, multi-faith climate justice organization.

He is a pioneer of the global religious environmental movement, which helps spearhead the faith-based fossil fuel divestment movement, organizes faith turnouts at major climate mobilizations, and is a co-founder of Shine, an international campaign that supports women and community-led renewable energy access initiatives in Africa and India.

Fletcher is the author of GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Protect the Earth.

Sunday, May 29
What Might We Owe? with Bill McKibbin

The extraordinary wealth of American suburbia is reflected in, among other things, clouds of carbon now warming the world. But this is not an unpayable debt, just one so far-unpaid; it’s a moment to think about how we can build the world we really want for those coming next. Bill McKibben wrote the first book about climate change, The End of Nature, in 1989; he has since written 20 books, gotten 20 honorary degrees, and been arrested 11 times.