The Tanzania Trip, Jan 12-24, 2023, is completely organized and will be extraordinary. Travelers will worship at Christ Church in Arusha, visit Maasai children and experience the beauty of the Serengeti. Spaces are limited. Please contact Karen Royce for additional information and a copy of the itinerary.

Christ Church Greenwich has a long-standing relationship with the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro (DMK) in Tanzania, East Africa. We make a significant difference in the lives of the Maasai through prayers, involvement through several mission trips, and direct financial support, strengthen the vibrant DMK community that is so filled with God’s presence. Christ Church Greenwich’s grants, along with other grants received, are exceedingly impactful in paying the salaries of 4 teachers and a cook for morning porridge, filling 8 rain water harvesting tanks during the dry seasons, buying textbooks and teaching supplies, and longer term, building facilities over the years that include 7 classrooms, a storeroom and teachers’ room, 2 cook houses, latrines for students and teachers, a playing field, a covered dining place, 3 houses for 9 of the teachers, planting over 400 trees, building raised beds for growing vegetables, and most recently, constructing a nearby church, and pastor’s house. Until now a classroom was used for worship on Sundays and it couldn’t hold all of the people attending.

Endupoto Primary School is the “miracle in the bush” that opened with one classroom and 98 students in 2008. It is a primary school in Tanzania with grades kindergarten through 7th located about an hour south of Arusha. Now more than 700 children attend kindergarten through seventh grade at Endupoto and those who qualify go on to Oljoro Secondary School where almost 300 students live and study in Form One though Form Four, their equivalent to high school years in this country.

Education and freshwater have been our mission to the Diocese. This is a rural area without running water or electricity where members of the Maasai tribe reside, living in a traditional manner. Although government schools, Endupoto and Oljoro are also supported by Christ Church and many others.

A visiting professor from the University of Southern California interviewed community stakeholders at Endupoto and heard from one of the proud Maasai mother’s “I sent my son, a goat herder, and my daughter, a water gatherer, to Endupoto Primary School so they can read the street signs when they travel to the city of Arusha. My children are the first generation of literate family members.

Christ Church Greenwich encourages our members to take part in providing support and Christian generosity in the greater community, helping others in a world that can be overwhelmingly difficult. By volunteering, we can make new friends and socialize and work together to make a difference in other people’s lives. It’s not only good for the community, it’s a nice way of expressing gratitude and strengthening our faith. Questions? Karen Royce