Team Building Workshop


On Thursday night, February 1, 2018, we held a Team Building Workshop for the girl’s choir! It was a huge success and we are looking forward to making this more of a regular event to build community among the girl choristers. The girls were engaged throughout the workshop and appeared to be very receptive to the message.

I began the evening by sharing a little bit of my story of the challenges throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Alice Belshaw also shared a little bit about her experiences growing up as well. Ellen Sisson brought a wonderful song about kindness, which she taught the girls, and we sang it a few times throughout the evening.

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The girls were given an opportunity to anonymously write down a time where someone had been unkind to them and I shared them out loud. We discussed how hurtful words can be and the importance of being intentional with your words and actions because you never know how they can affect someone. It was an open discussion where they were encouraged to share as little or as much as they wanted on this topic. To bring some positivity and encouragement, the girls were then given an opportunity to anonymously write down how they can be kind to one another more specifically at choir.

There are so many wonderful events coming up with the choir that we want to bring awareness to all the girls about the importance of being a team and being intentional with our words and actions. On behalf of the Christ Church staff, we are doing our best to ensure each chorister feels comfortable and empowered to be a part of this community.

Lauren Johnson
Youth Minister

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