Pat Baity

Pat joined Christ Church in 1987 when she moved to Connecticut.  Two of her children and six grand-children baptized at the church, two sons married here, and one son buried from there. Four children were members of choir, and now two grand-daughters are members of the choir.  Pat joined the vestry in January 1994.  She worked on revision of church by-laws, reviewed existing restricted endowment funds, and was involved in the sale of one church property, settlement of legal matter involving replacement of boiler, and the process to decide what to do with Tomes-Higgins House and then vacant triangular lot across Putnam Avenue. She was elected Junior Warden in 1996 and Senior Warden in 1998.  She dealt exclusively with construction of new rectory in 1997, the adaptive reuse of Tomes Higgins in 1998-9 and the Show House in October 1999.  Since 2000, she has regularly gone over to Tomes-Higgins to organize the kitchen and make sure that furniture and furnishings are still there and in good repair. She ushers on Sundays and works with Jamie Hitel to insure the financial viability of choir trips to England. Christ Church is a principal beneficiary of our charitable giving including Annual Fund, capital campaign(s) and funding for new organ. AB Vassar College 1968; JD Cornell Law School 1978; Worked in Trusts & Estates with a smattering of real estate and tax in New York, California and Connecticut 1978-2009.