Trinity Church and Christ Church Greenwich

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A message from Jim Lemler & Drew Williams…

Trinity Church and Christ Church Greenwich have worked and worshiped collaboratively for the past 9 years.  It began with Christ Church offering space for summer worship and then progressed to other facility use and programmatic partnership.  Beginning in September of 2016, Trinity had an immediate need for worship space into the coming program year.  Christ Church responded with an invitation to use the Parish Hall on Sundays, and both congregations worked diligently to utilize space, parking, and calendar effectively.

We write to announce a new development.  Trinity Church will begin worshiping on Sundays at Greenwich High School beginning Sunday, August 27.  Summer worship will continue at Christ Church Greenwich.  This is a good solution for the needs of both congregations.  As pastors, both Jim and Drew wanted to offer a comment.

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God has blessed Trinity Church and Christ Church Greenwich with a grace of partnership and mutuality.  That was particularly evident in Trinity’s use of our Parish Hall for worship during the past program year.  Now this wonderful sister congregation will have a new venue and opportunity for its Sunday gatherings in a setting that offers many potential benefits.  I wish them well in this transition and offer thanks to both congregations for the spirit and community which we manifested during this past year and will continue to show in a variety of ways in years to come.  This past year allowed Christ Church to live out the Gospel virtue of hospitality for which I shall remain thankful as I too make a new transition to a new part of my life.  May God continue to bless both of these communities of faith and our individual and partnered ministries.

– Jim


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We cannot thank the Christ Church family enough for their extraordinary hospitality and generosity.  We were the proverbial friend in need and you have opened your home to us and welcomed as family.  Thank you also for all your patience and forbearance.  It has been a gift for us to worship alongside you this past school year.  At Jim’s farewell Sunday service earlier this summer, I was very moved by the rich choral music and liturgy.  It also struck me that whilst our “packaging” may look a little different, our congregations are very much one in Jesus Christ.  Thank you for bearing His heart to us in a season that could have been very disabling for us a community but has, in fact, been a great blessing and enormously enriching. 

– Drew


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