Update from our First Transition Forum


June 5, 2017

On May 21, Jim, the Wardens, and the Rector’s Transition Team held the first in a series of 10:10 Exploration Series Transition Forums.

On May 24, Lee Ann Tolzmann, the Canon for Mission Leadership of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut reviewed the transition process with the Vestry in detail, including the steps for identifying the Interim Rector, currently underway, to the search for our new Rector.  She explained that the final decision of who the Parish chooses for their clergy rests with the Vestry.

There will be numerous opportunities for parishioner involvement via one of the four Transition Teams that will be created this fall:  the Discernment, Recruitment, Hospitality, and Prayer teams.  Christ Church Greenwich will be assigned a Transition Consultant who will help guide the Parish through the process.

Some Q & A’s from our 1st Transition Forum:

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What is the traditional age of Church retirement?

Clergy are required to retire when they reach age 72, per the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church.  Jim has chosen to retire at 65.  He and Sharon will be returning to Indianapolis to be closer to family, and Jim will be involved in other non-pastoral opportunities.

When will we begin the search for the Interim Rector?

Traditionally, parishes wait to start the search for an Interim Rector until after the current Rector retires.  However, our Bishops, Jim, and the Vestry agreed that because of our size and complexity, it was advisable to minimize the gap between Jim’s September 1st retirement date and the Interim’s start date. Accordingly, we have started that process.

How can we be involved in the various search committees?

As the transition process develops, the Wardens and Vestry will share opportunities for involvement.  The Vestry, with the assistance of the Transition Consultant, will be forming the teams in the fall.  If you are interested in serving on one of the Transition Teams, please contact either the Senior Warden Randy Schwimmer or the Junior Warden George Belshaw


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What is the purpose of the Interim according to the Diocese?

The role of the Interim Rector is to help prepare the congregation for the permanent Rector.  This includes, managing the sense of loss, addressing unresolved parish issues, help with healing any divisions within the congregation, nurturing the relationship with the Diocese, and assisting the parish with discovering its current identity and developing its vision for the future.

Does shortening the search process for the Interim shorten the search for the new Rector?

No. The search for the Rector has deliberate steps that take time no matter when the Interim begins. That said, the search process is expected to take about a year to 18 months to complete.

Will a woman be considered?

Yes, all candidates will be considered.

When do we publish what we’re looking for?

Once the Discernment Team has completed its work, we will publish the results, most likely in the first quarter of 2018.


Save the date! Lee Ann Tolzmann, the Canon for Mission Leadership, will be preaching on October 15, and giving a presentation  during the 10:10 Exploration Series.

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