Youth Ministry at Christ Church 

As part of a long-term commitment to continue to strengthen and support families, Christ Church has hired Josh Barton. Josh has sixteen years of experience as a full time Youth Minister. Josh has a gift for cultivating strong relationships with students, parents, volunteers, and organizes faith-based, ongoing group curriculums and discussion groups, week-long camps and events.

“Our students live in a world that is so tricky to navigate. Our students are taught (both intentionally and unintentionally) that their worth comes from what they produce. Grades, sports achievements, the arts, among other things. We are building an environment for students that communicates to them that they are loved and belong regardless of anything they produce. I hope to build a group that fosters a safe and inclusive place for our students to explore faith. “

The Youth Group is for Middle and High School students. For more info contact Josh

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